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Experienced North Carolina Immigration Attorneys Defend Against Deportation

Lawyers based in the Apex area represent clients in removal proceedings

If you or a family member have been threatened with deportation, the experienced attorneys at the Law Office of Lopez-Cobb and Ordoubadi will provide a strong defense. We represent people in the Apex area and throughout North Carolina who have been targeted for removal from the United States. Our immigration lawyers protect clients’ legal rights in all types of removal proceedings..

Immigration advocates defend clients against removal

The U.S. government may deport noncitizens, including green card holders, back to their country of origin for a number of reasons. Some of the most common
reasons why government authorities might try to expel you include:

  • Conviction of a criminal offense
  • Alleged visa violation
  • Violation of immigration laws
  • Interactions with Immigration Officials while you are not in status
  • Non-citizens who vote or register to vote

If you have been served with a Notice to Appear, there is no time to waste. We can evaluate the government’s case and begin to prepare your response.

Immigration Bonds

Most immigrants who are detained by ICE will be held at the Stewart Detention Center in Georgia.  Our attorneys regularly represent detained individuals at the Stewart Immigration Court.

If you or a loved one has been detained by immigration officials, our office can attempt to obtain an immigration bond so you can be released from detention while your case is pending.  If after evaluating the case, we determine that there is no chance of obtaining a bond, then we will certainly let you know.

Immigrants in criminal proceedings

If you are not a citizen of the United States, criminal charges have serious consequences for your immigration status.  Certain convictions, deferrals or fines affect immigrants differently than they affect U.S. Citizens.  Many criminal defense attorneys will suggest that you seek the advice of an immigration attorney before going to trial or taking a plea.  At Lopez-cobb and Ordoubadi, we handle both immigration and criminal defense cases, and can properly advise you and assist you in resolving your criminal matters in a way that will have a lessened impact on your immigration status.

We can assist people who want to stay in the United States

If the United States government starts the removal process against you, the lawyers at the Law Office of Lopez-Cobb and Ordoubadi can advise you on your options. The immigration system is large, impersonal, and one in which mistakes often occur. It is very likely that officials do not understand your individual circumstances. We can help press any defenses available to you, including:

  • Charging errors
  • Asylum
  • Fear of Persecution if returned to your home country
  • Green card eligibility based on length of time in the United States and potential hardship for United States Family members if you are deported
  • Domestic or family abuse
  • Victims of Trafficking

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you have a full, fair review of your situation before an immigration court so that you have the best chance possible to continue your life in the United States.

Contact North Carolina immigration lawyers who can help you oppose deportation

If you are in jeopardy of being deported, the Law Office of Lopez-Cobb and Ordoubadi can represent you in removal proceedings. Call our knowledgeable immigration attorneys at 919-307-1674 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Apex office.